SoulThirst Church

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Patrick is 45 years old & has been in the pastoral ministry for 19 years. He's spent the last 14 years planting non-traditional, fun-loving churches. 

Patrick is an eclectic and caring human, who enjoys teaching & coaching; especially when it means pouring encouragement & gumption into people. 

Patrick is married to Heather & they have two daughters and a son. 

BILL BRIMER // Director of Arts 

Bill is an accomplished songwriter and producer. As Director of Arts he oversees and unifies the vision of all the aesthetics, artwork, and music for the church. Bill is passionate about theology, physics, creation and creativity. Bill is married to Teresa. They have one son and a pit bull named Lefty. Check out for his latest songs. 

SUSAN SUTHERLAND // Nursery Ministry Director

Susan has an incredible love for children, and stays genuinely giddy about teaching and caring for the youngest among us. Susan is married to Todd & they have a daughter and a son.


James is a Vicar in training at SoulThirst, and he takes theology classes through Concordia Seminary St. Louis. James also leads our Senior High Bible Classes, and has a great gift for facilitating meaningful spiritual discussions with young adults. James is married to Ryann and they have a young daughter and a young son. 

Heather Miller // Kingdom Kids Director

Heather facilitates our Sunday morning Kingdom Kids classes for preschoolers through 5th graders. Heather has been an elementary school teacher for 15+ years, and her experience in education blesses our children's ministry immensely. Heather is married to Pastor Patrick and they have two daughters and a son.

DAN HULTMAN // Junior High Ministry

Dan leads our Jr High Bible classes. He has a great knack for connecting with middle schoolers, and loves to see them dig into the wonderful craziness of the Christian faith. Dan is married to Emily, and they have one growing boy. 

Jason Hamre // Vicar 

Jason is a Vicar training at SoulThirst, and he takes theology classes through Concordia Seminary St. Louis. Jason serves in various capacities at SoulThirst, including Bible teaching, counseling, and some admin duties. Jason is married to Krystal, and they have two teenage boys.